4 thoughts on “Testimonials and Customer Feedback

  1. I have had the pleasure of using Dr. Anderson’s services two times in the past three years. Dr. Anderson assisted me with the successful completion of my MBA. She was my guide through those crucial presentations that needed an experts opinion. Last year, I reached out to Dr. Anderson for assistance on resume revision. I was having the most difficult time finding the right employment. After meeting with Dr. Anderson she provided insight around how to be successful at interviewing and provided me with a winning resume. Due to Dr. Anderson’s strong leadership and expert advice, I can now proudly say I have landed the position of my dreams, while being able to use my degree.

  2. I’m very happy with my experience with Anderson & Skylar. Dr. Anderson was extremely efficient & consise with meeting deadlines. She guided me in ensuring that I had an excellent resume. Dr. Anderson is a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend Anderson & Skylar. I will also be back when I need my resume updated.

  3. Russell Reese
    I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Anderson this past year of Anderson & Skylar. She assisted me in Business and Career Consulting and ensured that I was not selling myself short to potential employers. She was a an exceptional guide and mentor to improve my resume as well prepare for interviews for promotional opportunities. Dr. Anderson has years of experience in private and federal sectors. She also holds numerous degrees from accredited institutions. I carry several of her business cards with me at all times to help those that need assistance breaking through the glass ceiling of climbing the corporate ladder. I plan to retain her services throughout my career. I highly recommend her services because she has a wealth of knowledge that can share.

  4. Tomieka E. Parson April 23, 2018 — 4:38 pm

    Consider your search over! Dr. Anderson of Anderson and Skylar is the best choice for your Career Consulting needs. Dr. Anderson develops an unbeatable product at a fair and reasonable price. She is prompt, professional and passionate about the services that she provides.

    Dr. Anderson was able to revamp my mediocre resume into a top-notch, standout resume. I can confidently say that Dr. Anderson has given me the competitive edge. Outside of the finished product, the virtual meeting was my favorite. I walked away with additional tools and resources that I didn’t even know were available. I was impressed by the personalized service that I received. She took the time to truly understand my work history. She asked questions and wasn’t afraid to request additional information so that she could deliver a quality product.

    If you are ready to go to the next level in your career, contact Dr. Anderson at contact@andersonskylar.com. Hands down, Dr. Anderson is the best!

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