About Our Company

P6Anderson & Skylar Administrative Services and Supply Center, LLC is independently owned and operated in Maryland by Bonnie N. Anderson, Ph.D.

Dr. Anderson created this company so that she could use her talents, administrative expertise, and life experiences to serve others. Lighthouses symbolize the way forward and help in navigating our way through rough waters whether those waters be financial, personal, business, or spiritual in nature. Similar to a lighthouse, Dr. Anderson is committed to using her “light” to provide guidance, hope, assistance, and vision in a world of danger, risk, adversity, and challenge. She will provide hands on guidance and assistance to help you succeed and compete in today’s challenging business and academic environments.

Dr. Anderson holds a B.A in Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro; M.S. in Human Resources from North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University; Master’s Certificate in Project Management from George Washington University; Ph.D. in Organization and Management from Capella University; and is currently pursuing a M.S. in Management Information Systems. Dr. Anderson is also a Certified Professional Resume Writer and a member of the Professional Association of Resume’ Writers and Career Coaches.

Dr. Anderson has served in multiple supervisory and leadership capacities within and outside the government. She has served in many occupations, which include Nurse Recruiter, Human Resources Specialist, Customer Service Manager, Administrative Director, Human Capital and Manpower Team Leader, Chief of the Management Support Office, Certified Contract Officer Representative, Senior Program and Budget Analyst, and Resources Management Director. These occupations have provided her with profound knowledge, hands on experience, and expertise in a myriad of administrative functions, operations, and services. In addition, Dr. Anderson has over five years of experience as an adjunct professor for graduate level courses in Organizational Behavior, Management Thought and Theory, and Human Resources Management at Florida Institute of Technology Extended Studies and Emotional Intelligence, Workforce Development, and Global Leadership at Central Michigan University Global Campus.


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